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There’s a marketing concept called the “conversion funnel.” Its shape represents 4 stages in internet marketing that apply to all online marketing efforts. The conversion funnel helps us ask the right questions, build the right strategies and measure success at every step.

Proven results from this approach are why Enteractive Marketing clients hire us and stay with us.

E-commerce Conversion Funnel

ATTRACT the right audience. Do you know what happens after a user visits your site? Do you know if a banner, facebook ad, or Google Adwords Pay-per-click ad visitor stays longer or deeper than your average visitor? You can, and you should. Know which traffic source produces the best results. This information is essential to optimizing your online marketing resources to attract the audience most likely to achieve your business goals.

ENGAGE your site visitors with compelling reasons to take action. This can include incentives, information, downloads, and compelling content. Make a connection with your site visitor by knowing what motivates them. Enteractive Marketing helps you leverage what you know about your customers, learn more about what motivates them, and craft strategies to convert site visits to customers.

CONVERT your site visitors to customers. Whether your goal is an online sale, lead, request for info, signup, visit to physical store, time-on-site, or increased number of pageviews, Enteractive Marketing can help you track these goals and KNOW what works and what does not. Business intelligence like this can improve your market share and distance your business from your competition.

RENEW your customers. You’ve probably heard it before. The cost of keeping a customer is far less than acquiring a new one. Once you’ve converted a visitor treat them right and enable them to interact with your brand and others about their experience. Utilize social networking tools. Make it easy for your customers to communicate in three ways: you to them, them to you, and them to their peers. Want to win customers over? Instead of “marketing to them” try “providing value for them.”

What we do

At Enteractive Marketing we craft strategies to serve your business goals at every step from ATTRACTING a target audience to CONVERTING to new customers. To do this we use Google Analytics, and a host of applicable tools related to SEO, SEM, and online marketing performance metrics.

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