Do you sell online? Confused about payment gateway, merchant accounts, fraud protection, pre-authorization, freight cost estimators, download managers or other complexities of running an online store?

Our team has over 9 years experience in E-Commerce for fortune 500 companies like Ticketmaster, EMI Music, and Universal Music Group as well as hundreds of large and small online storefronts.

We have assisted clients in E-Commerce platform selection, product setup, merchandising, goal creation, conversion tracking, promotional strategies, mobile commerce, fulfillment and logistics.

Example Google Analytics Goal Funnel Report

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Google Analytics, Goal Setup, Goal Conversion Reporting

Make your data ACTIONABLE! Just about everybody has web stats but most do not know what to do with their data. We can help you take full advantage of Google Analytics features including goals and conversion tracking. We recommend and structure goals so you KNOW which online initiatives are paying off and which are not. All this can work in perfect harmony with your on and offline advertising efforts helping you be more competitive in your market.

Reporting and Metrics

We measure and track what matters to provide you criteria for better marketing decisions. This includes competitive keyword monitoring, brand mentions in the blogosphere, conversion data, analytics data, consumer preferences, campaign tracking and tagging, We recommend and customize reporting based on data that helps you make informed business decisions.

Enteractive Marketing connects your marketing efforts to your E-Commerce transactions so you’ll know what is working, what is not, and how to optimize your online spend.

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